Friday, July 13, 2007

Good Animation Doesn't Matter!!

It's true , for every one good Art portfolio theirs about ten bad ones and they are most likely to get the job. Why is this so? Companies, Particulary most in Animation don't care today for Quality its in the Quantity and How Much money can be made off the product that really counts.

They couldn't give a flying pig that the stories or ideas suck they just make them and get them out there so they can rake in the Dough.
Case in Point was some recent misfortune I went through with a Truly Awful Animation company lets call them Blue CRocket... They had the worst character designs in the world for their new animated series lets call it Pixie Dixie!! Pixie had already been sold to a TV network as a cartoon for little girls and they were churning them out very quickly. The stories were Sub-Standard at best and all they did all day was talk about the Spin-Off Products like dolls, games to even mobile phone content that they planned to make more money from. Yes, I was dumped because I wanted to do a good job something to be proud of instead they wanted it cheaply made through Flash.

Now you can do really good product in Flash but my god this was atrocious. Pretty much if you can imagine Russian Animation on a ShoeString Budget then your half-way there to knowing what it was like. When good quality animation gets Overshadowed by Marketing we all have to sit back and go WTF. Now you can read into this post what you like but am I far off the mark with this example are most animation companies in it for the money such as Blue CRocket? I want to hear your thoughts on the subject.

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  1. I'm sure most companies think of their 'market viability' first. Which is of from merchandise and whatnot.

    Kids, watch the show but also want their parents to buy everything that anything to do with the show. which means cash for the company.
    Which is fine but when they kill the show that started it all with lame story and even worse, sup-par animation..that's horrible.

    but it happens, I remember when i first wanted to pitch some ideas for i was naive, You may have 'your' idea but they have 'theirs' which is in the long run what you've got to settle with.

    man i could go on about this...


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