Friday, November 16, 2007

Anti-Girl #6 The End!

Brilliant and yet sometimes controversial, these cartoons have been a labour of love for me since I started them a few months ago. But now like all good things they must end, I must stress that no 'one' event has caused me to stop making these.
I had always intended that these were to have an 'ENDING'. But I have decided to finish them much earlier than I had planned, and so thus I have begun on new ideas to replace it. And you will be seeing that very soon.

This year I've been very lucky in that I've met a number of lovely girls whom appreciated these cartoons for what they were. And they have been just awesome and also a recent meeting with a hot chick has made me rethink alot of things and this end is dedicated to her. So this is it........ Goodbye Anti-Girl it was........FUN!!!

The Votes are in Thanks to all '3' people that voted, it was a unanimous vote for more 'Matt's Life in Freelance Cartoons' so more coming up!! And a new Poll Begins.

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