Saturday, December 15, 2007

Matt The Actor!!

Yeah I know gotta catchup on my Logopolis cartoons. But I have been busy, This week I decided to try my hand at an acting career. And went to an audition for a new movie being made here in Tasmania. I had to learn Irish and did so only to discover that I didn't need it so I was a bit mad.
Infact the whole day was somewhat wasted even with an appointment I waited 3 hours more only to just have my time come and they change the rules on me. Instead of 5 minute Audition I got 5 seconds. To stare down the barrel of a camera and say my name THAT WAS IT!! Theres more to this tale but I won't bore you with the details needless to say even for a professional outfit they can still be unprofessional.

When becoming and Actor, Filling out forms is the first thing to do when going to an Audition.
And then waiting in a queue for 3 hours is no fun!! BORING!!
Thanks to my friend Martin who kept me company and sane for most of the time I was there and also took these photos.

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