Friday, May 22, 2009

Red Licorice

Red Licorice is a Book Concept I want to put together and get published of more than 100 Beautifully Posed Gorgeous Lady Illustrations its gonna be Page to Page Girly Art and no crap like text from Art Historians talking about how this was made or them liking the sound of their own voice rather than the main thing like I dunno some ART. I really Loved Bill Presings books and the way he had designed and presented them!

Unlike Bill though I dont have the cash to drive something like this and the fact of the matter is I've been told that no-one would buy my artwork in book form and I know that is alot of BS. What do you think because if people make enough noise those high enough will listen!!


  1. I'm not sure how many times I have to say this, but I'll go on record again.
    I would buy this, make everyone i know look at it, and encourage as many people as I know and me to buy it.
    Hell, if the T Shirt is any indication of the quality I'd find on those pages, then I will most definitely let everyone know about it!

  2. Matt-
    I'd love to have a book of your girly Art!

  3. Ed Thats nice to know if I could get some funding though then it would HAPPEN!!

    Thanks Dan!

  4. I'd buy your girly art Mr. Pott!

  5. Thanks, I'm still looking for a Publisher and Printer for this Project! :)


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