Saturday, July 11, 2009

Getting LOST

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A week ago my favorite Discount DvD store had a deal get 2 Boxsets get one free. So I picked up the first three seasons of LOST. I had seen the Pilot but thats as far as I Got Mainly because I had no idea what the show was about was it Sci-Fi, Drama, or 'Gulp' Reality!!

I still don't know, but I have to say I'm enjoying it Despite the Fake Australian Accents. I mean do we talk like that no. In some ways they talk like South Africans and in others They are New Zealanders. Thats probably the biggets insult to bestow on an Aussie to have them played by a Kiwi. Its most likely the reason why the Star Wars Prequels Sucked so much!

Anyway I'm into Season Two already, you get through one episode to want to watch the next just the way shows should be.

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