Saturday, March 13, 2010

Kung Fu Panda

First Image of the Dreamworks Fine Art is now Online to Purchase and is extremely limited to only 195 Giclee Prints. The Image Shows Panda Po and Master Shifu's Balancing Act. Follow the Link HERE to view the store and to get yours. Once they are gone they are GONE!
Okay, so you may have noticed the blog is going under a facelift apparently blogger got off its backside at last and is offering new templates. So I wanted to widen it and put an extra column to spread things out. There will be a new Head Image coming at some point soon to make things complete. Until then dont be suprised if you see a few things change in the meantime. If you have any ideas I'm happy to take them on board.

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  1. That turned out GREAT, Matt! Nice job putting your spin on the characters and the color pallet is gorgeous.


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