Saturday, September 18, 2010

Deborah Twiss Joins Red Licorice

This is FANTASIC and BRILLIANT news all at the same time for my art book 'Red Licorice' and I need to share. At the beginning of the year during a trip to Melbourne I went to the movies to see Kick-Ass I not only left Loving that Film, but I also Fell in Love with Character Actress Deborah Twiss. If your thinking Huh, Who?? Was she in Kick-Ass? Yes, she was, despite being presented in a Clark Kent type of manner Deborah played the Student Teacher Crush Mrs Zane for the first too short few moments of that film. Despite this she has made a HUGE impact on not only myself but on every Fanboy (and probably a few Fangirls) that had the honour of being an Audience Member!

Deborah has been on some well known shows, FRINGE and Law & Order to name a few.
I felt it was my duty that day after leaving Kick Ass to get her on board the RED project as she truly belongs in it and I know you agree!

Well Guess What?? I've spoken to her directly and shes just one of the loveliest people you could ever meet the lure of Hollywood has not broken her. So over the next month I will be working closely with Deborah to make sure that the Art will be the best quality it can possibly be and that it shows her Awesome Picturesque Beauty. With it taking Pride of Place in the Book for you all to see and hopefully a good Publisher. Hopefully with Deb on board we can get even more beautiful women on board this project besides the other 40 odd pretty girls we now have!

Again a BIG THANKYOU goes out to Deborah for taking this seriously!

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