Sunday, April 6, 2008

Aqua Leung Pin-Up Alternative!!

Has it really been 5 weeks?? ahem.... yes well you people have to wake me up from time to time.
I recovered from my bout with the flu, but it really knocked me out for six and I didn't enjoy my trip home as much as I would like. So without further ado lets get back into things by making a fantastic array of announcements.

Firstly is the news I will see my artwork published on a global scale in the form of a Pin-Up for Image Comics' 'Aqua Leung' which is available through Amazon HERE. It is written by my pal Mark Andrew Smith with art by Paul Maybury. Please go out and buy it and perhaps write to Image and say 'Hey, that Matt Pott guy is pretty cool we would like to see more of him!!' hehe.

To Celebrate this Great Occassion I thought I would post the alternative Pin-Up I sent to Mark a few months ago he liked the other one better so that got used instead but sometimes rejections a good thing. It wasn't completed, so theres a few things sure to bug you and well it does me too but theres something I still like about this piece.

Also although this is the first time I have been printed widely , however I have been printed before in Australia and I shall discuss that another time and the drawbacks of having work done for my own country.

Now Secondly my US trip its way up in the clouds right now with the Monkey God, So I'm currently sorting the details out still. The Radio Spot hasnt happened since I cant go on a broadcaster and lie that I am doing something when I dont even know if I can get it to work.
Its still a Work In Progress.

More News and Logopolis in the Coming Days!!

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  1. Y'know Matt, I'm not only a huge MySpace fan, but now that I've come across your blog, I'm also a Blogspot fan.
    I love, LOVE tis Aqua Leung pin-up, and I would DIe to see what you would do with Frank Espinosa's 'Rocketo'!
    Given what your pin-up for Aqua Leung looks like, I'm sure that if you were to create one for Rocketo, it would kick ass!


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