Saturday, May 24, 2008

Indiana Jones The Fourth

Today I went and saw the Amazing Fourth entry in the Indiana Jones franchise and I am not ashamed to admit I Enjoyed it!! I have tried to avoid all the Negative Press on the film and preferred my own interpretation over some fat-head critic who thinks he knows a good movie by how many boring bits its got in it!

Though not as 'Classic' as the rest, Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull does stand up for the Most part as being very entertaining however there were some major issues with some of the story choices.
There are two endings to this film the first ending I really liked the second I did not care for and pretended never happened. I wont spoil it but I think its best forgotten. The rest however was glorious in presentation. This is No phantom Menace in my book, I did not feel literally numb with 'That was a Bad movie' It never crossed my mind that I just wanted it to end.

I really enjoyed Temple of Doom as a kid yes shortround was no JarJar to me 'You cheated Dr.Jones you cheat' and it was my first introduction to the Hero Indiana Jones. I remember renting Last Crusade and just feeling let down that it had no heart. But over the years I have come to respect that film along with the others. Raiders I saw much later in its entirety ....for when I was about 7 years old I walked in on my brother watching it on video and it was at the end when the Angel turns into Death and faces started melting off. Scared me just like the incident of Evil Dead......Oh nevermind!!

Anyway a Good end to the Franchise if you just stop the movie before the second ending. Would I like to see another one? sure.....only if Harrison Ford is in it as THE Indiana Jones.

I may have more thoughts on this Movie but for now this is all I have to say.


  1. DON'T say another damn thing, MATT!
    You totally answered my Iron Man question before I got a chance to see it, and I've heard rumors that Indy dies.
    I'd prefer to find out on my own.
    Although, I have heard that in the real world, the Russians are trying to ban this film, because Indy paints the Post WWII communists in not such a positive light.
    I still have to finish your sketch for your MYSpace page, BTW.

  2. Well I'm sorry about IronMan, I mentioned it because people were leaving the movie before the credits rolled.

    I think I have tried to be as ambiguous as possible with Indy without giving too much away!!


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