Monday, July 28, 2008

Week One in America!!

Heres a Video First!!
Matt at Hooters!!

Okay I'm Here......
I've been in California for a week and have done so much my head still spins! My flight to the US was a long one 20+ hours and the recovery of Jetlag was astronimical it took all three days to finally get over it.

On Wednesday I left early for Comic-Con, and the Airlines was a Mess finally reaching the Hotel in SanDiego. I headed straight to the Convention Centre and got my registration badge then waited in Line for three hours while lots of smelly little geek boys talked about what they were going to do!! Finally I was allowed in and was Blown Away by the shear size of the place. Massive is not the word for it!!

So I met some cool People and celebrities of the Artworld they included;

Comic Con Guest Dean Yeagle and his wife!!
Scott Tolleson
My Friend Rodolphe GuenodenDangerGirls J.Scott Campbell

Photographer and Cool Artist Josh Hughes
Uber-talent Bill Presing!!Sue Katowich
Gary HamCaseyBug 'sigh'

Hellboy and Amazing Screw-On Head Creator Mike MignolaDarwyn CookeThe Weird, The Strange and the Beautiful!!
Lets Start with the Beautiful........... The Black Cat!!
Now to the Strange......
Believe It Or NOT!!!
ITS A ME.........MICKARIOForget that crap New Galactica this was the Best Cylon Warrior EVER!! BY YOUR COMMAND!!
Dowright Weird


  1. Okay, two things:
    A) I'm incredibly, INSANELY, outright jealous over the fact that you met Darwyn Cooke. Guy is amazing! I love him, if you told me you'd met Frank Espinosa, I'd have to charter a bus to Australia and kill you out of jealous rage.
    B) It's phenomenal that you were allowed so close to what looks like it could be a film prop from the upcoming 'Watchmen' movie. Unless I miss my guess, that's Night Owl's ship, isn't it?

    On the professional front, how did you make out? Any new contacts/prospects made?

  2. Cool pics! Wow! We kept trying to meet Darwyn Cooke, but kept missing him. It's easy to spot him with the hat, but hard to catch him!

    Glad we got to finally meet you and congrats on the amazing contacts you made! Good luck!!!! :)

  3. Yeah, the con was really big this year. More so than last year. It was nice meeting you! I hope you are enjoying the rest of your trip!

  4. I should be in the 'strange' and 'downright weird' categories :P


  5. you think the rocketeer helmet is wierd?


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