Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Man Called Matt

I'm back after, a few weeks over on Bruny Island, Just google earth it if you have no idea where it is. Anyway besides having to come back midway to take the dog to the vet I enjoyed my stay even if I would have preferred to be gone for all an eternity.

I've been sorting out some problems I'd been having since returning from the US. Made decisions regarding the future of my career. Its been hard adjusting to the fact I will never be a character designer, never work for a big studio nor make my dreams come true. But I will have to adjust. I have no choice. Deciding what to do next has been even harder. I have no money. My funds have been exausted and I have not much to even live for. I have the Talent, the drive, the charisma but not the Means. But I will try not to get myself down about it.

So I'm gonna do something I've never done before, concentrate on just one certain thing and get it done. I've always wanted to do a complete comic so.....I'm gonna finally do MY graphic novel. I have no money to print it but with the contacts I'm getting in the comics field lately no seriously I was chatting to THE Steve Niles who likes my work just only a few weeks ago! Anyway if its good enough I'll seek a publisher if not no harm done and I'll post it here. As such my planned Logopolis has been backburned because I know this will be all worth it. It has too.

Some Inspiration I recieved recently was Sergio Leones 'Once Upon a Time in The West' I've had the collectors dvd for nearly two years now and never watched it. But I finally gave in and what I saw was an amazing film where characters are Three dimensional and where you really root for the anti-hero. I would happily watch this again and in fact I would dare say this is my favourite western EVER!.

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