Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I'm thinking of doing more 'Mister Hyde' I loved the gothic cartoons from Charles Addams. Although they were one off jokes I find them incredibly entertaining and Dark. And I thought of a few gags and situations for Eddie Hyde to get up to!

I've set up a poll as to if you want to see it so give it a quick yes or no!

One of my Favorite shows Growing up was Battle of the Planets. A few years ago I saw the first two original Gatchaman episodes and ever since then I can't go back and watch BOTP. They were Dark and much more enjoyable than the watered down version we were given as kids. I hope one day to see the complete series as it was meant to be!


  1. Matt, rumor has it that there's a full length movie that's going to be coming out.

  2. Picked this up off of teh internet tubes for you.
    Thought that you might like it.


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