Saturday, June 13, 2009

Lets Go Ghost Busters!!

Filmation was a studio I grew up on through saturday morning cartoons, and racing home after school to watch TV. One show I remember being excited to see was the new Ghost Busters cartoon. And I also bet when you tuned in that first time you were expecting Ray and Egon. While instead Recieving Jake and Eddie two characters never seen of before and even an Ape. This of course was a cash-in on the whole GB phenominon with even its own toy line. The Toys were so Bad they were more molten plastic so amazingly I never had any. But I liked the Cartoon. The main villain was Prime Evil a Skeletor clone that wasn't quite sure what he was.
Was he a Robot?? Ghost?? What?? he had the same character as Skeletor in that he was always an idiot with no real solid background as to why he needed to take over the Earth he just did. And as kids we accepted it. Filmation was infamous for reusing footage and this could not have been shown best than in the Ghostbusters getting ready scene which either ran for a full minute or 10 seconds (depending on if the show was running over) theres even a scene where all the characters just walk and walk and walk no plot, no banter just Walk!

So why am I bringing this all up now? I picked up the Ghost Busters on DvD unfortunately this is a cheap BareBones release with only three volumes with all the 8 episodes on each out of order. I mean the Five Part Origin Story is on Volume 2?? The aussie covers are awful, nasty and cheap looking but the transfer is most likely taken from the remastered release in America. Unlike the American release there are no Extras to speak of. I mean why do aussie kids want to see extras its not like adults buy cartoons. As a side note after purchasing these three volumes I happened to find the complete series of Filmations Flash Gordon with another very Crappy cover and no Extras. Thankfully I got the American release with great cover art all the extras and art cards so they can keep it!

Enjoy the Prime Evil art and Keep Ghost Busting!!

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