Saturday, November 14, 2009

Get It Off!

It's been a year since my last job interview. It was a bad interview so bad I didnt even hear back from the Games Company it was for. During the Interview I was asked if a cheerleader game based on a long running Franchise Movie turned into the vein of a Guitar Hero/Dance game would interest me?? How does one dignify that with a response.... Oh Yeah Wow oh how brilliant a video game where you have to play with pom poms and jump around in a skirt. Every guy as well as girl will want that for their games collection.

I tried to put on a brave face, but I guess the disgust of having to work on such a game that was soley there for a Brand Name and Profit destroyed any sense of interest in games. They saw right through my thinly veiled liking of such a crappy thing. Yuck. As a Wise StormTrooper once said 'Move Along, Move Along'

Finally saw the movie '9' I really liked it, my only issue was the ending it was so Ambiguous. Not to mention the resolve was a little cut short. I think this needed a thought process to it.

Picked up a PS2 today cheap because the store was getting rid of them, its not the PS3 I wanted but I really cant afford to have one right now with the way my current bank balance is. So I am unsure what games are available. I got Medal of Honor Vanguard which I'm having fun with I guess the controls could be better. Any other games you think I should get for it?

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