Sunday, November 1, 2009

Mad Mad Monsters

I've had this picture for awhile. Some time ago I tried to get the job of Cover Designer for the Deluxe Mad Monster Party DvD being a massive fan of the Movie. I even went so far as to do this Rough. As you may know I didn't get the job I believe there was alot of politics behind the scenes. Eventually they went with some atrocious Photo Cover. YUCK!!
It's Still a Great Movie though and an Awesome Halloween Treat.


  1. LOVE THIS MATT! Any way ta get a copy? I just signed up ta follow yer blog. I have one on Blogger as well, that would NEVER interest you! Be well my friend!

  2. Thanks, A Copy not at this time. Perhaps in the Future.

  3. That's so great! That would have been an awesome cover!

  4. Thankyou Belle, Look out for an announcement very soon here Concerning Mad Monster Party.


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