Thursday, July 22, 2010

Red Madi

Another One from the Red Licorice arty stuff. This time the Very Beautifully Cutey Madi.
At the Moment I have some interested parties in the book. I want to aim this for Mass Market Appeal, not to feed the non-existant ego. As someone pointed out 'Dont expect a Borders Distribution'. Well I'm not.
However I want this Far Reaching and able to be Purchased anywhere not just over the Internet is that too much to ask? But if this sees Print I want to be in control of my work. If a 15 year old can get published a 'How to Draw Manga' book then why the hell can't I? You just know they are out there!

In Blog News I've opened up the Sharing a bit more in case people want to publish this on there Facebook, Blog, Twitter or Anything Social Really. As well I've added a 'dislike' to the blogs reactions. If you do Dislike something however I would like an explanation as to why if its not too much trouble.

Toy Story 3 I saw it, and I have to say forget about being part of a trilogy. The Story is Predictable and some of the Direction very Shoddy. My main concern was that while watching was the complete disappearance of BoPeep with only a Passing mention. I doubt very much that Woody would let her go so easily and it seemed a bit hard to swallow. I love Pixar but I am growing ever concerned about their movies. I still cant to this day get passed the first 15 minutes of CARS. ugh awful.

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  1. Love it!

    I was really sad about Bo Peep :( I didnt' really get to absorbe the film because I was there with two demons. I must go again :)

    D xx


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