Friday, July 23, 2010

Two Years

I'm trying not to dwell on the past, but with Comic Con happening this weekend. I can't help but feel sorrow at how hard I tried a couple of years ago to make it Big there. For all Intent and Purposes it did, Everything seemed to be happening for me back then but as I write this my world has crumbled All the contacts I have known have either moved on or just dont care and refuse to answer my calls.

So I'm trying to forget about it, its just not worth it. You meet people they promise stuff and then they let you down its the way of the world. I will not mention names I'm not that petty, I still want to see my real american friends soon, but as for a career I believe that ship has truly sailed. Time to move on with the time I have left into other avenues. If I were to ever worked in animation full time it would have already happened by now.

It hasn't I need to move on........
 I'm wrapping things up with art throughout the years, this piece was done for the Late Great Mike Wieringo back in 2003 of a character he designed for comicbook Tellos. I remember designing it very Disneyesque because he loved that style when I read an interview with him. He actually saw it and loved it whether he really meant it or not, it was very nice of him to say so. We all still very much miss his Artwork and Wisdom.

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  1. I think Mike really liked it as he favored the more cartoony approach to art and said on more than once that he'd like to be able to draw comics in a more cartoony style than he used.


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