Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Deadly Angel

I'm in Melbourne Briefly, here for an Exhibit, Which Exhibit? Go follow me on TWITTER to find out. I am doing LIVE updates while staying here.

Heres a new Red Licorice image, and yes its another Angela White. Shes a great Muse, my favorite AND she supplied me with an image to use for RED.This is very WWII era inspired pin up art which I know she is a fan of.

Also remember the ImagineDaily interview I did back in May? Well I was delighted to be asked to supply their new banner this month. Go check it out. The Superheroines name is the 'SCARLET STARLET'

Lastly and Finally Blogger have got a Better Anti-Spammer programme in place, to seek out all those all horrible chinese vitamin scammers. So after two weeks I am lifting the Moderating Comments to an Open Forum again. Ain't that Great?


  1. Looks like WWII nose art, one of my favorite genres. You do such a great job!
    And I would watch out for those Chinese vitamins. I am fortunate enough that I haven't heard of them. They are probably full of lead.

  2. Great piece, Matt! The colors and design are spot on.
    I love the skulls on her breasts. Nice touch! :)


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