Thursday, August 19, 2010


 Before I start one thing I had to reinstate the moderating comments, its unfortunate but the spam doesnt get detected unless it is on. Yes its stupid, so sorry.

Today I visited the Tim Burton Exhibit, it was simply......... Amazing. My Favorite parts have to be the MarsAttacks maquettes, armatures with stop motion animation tests (before they went CGI) and unseen artwork from the film. As well the puppets from his first Stop Motion Short 'Vincent' was like touching God. And the corpse bride stuff was just flawless. The following is the photos I was allowed to take.,
The Giant Snake that hangs from an Old Entrance. Terrifying for children much?
Heres the Real Entrance just follow the Skeleton Hand
Inside Hangs this BlueBoy
Yes Little Timmy there really is a Batmobile.
And Finally AbbaWorld wait what? How did this get in here?


  1. Wow! I would love to go to an exhibition like this! I'm glad you got to see something as great as this. You deserve good things.
    What's ABBA world? A store where they sell souvenirs from the band? A disco?

  2. Its Both, Its a Museum of the Band and it also has a souvenir shop full of related things to do with them. You can even sing Karaoke.

  3. Love the Blue Boy.
    I was so lucky to visit a friend of mine when she was animating and painting on Nightmare Before Christmas in San Francisco.....Waaaay back.
    Gorgeous art everywhere.


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