Monday, February 28, 2011

Lord Fancy in Animation?

Red Licorice may just have to be a pet project for now until I find a Publisher willing to give it the go ahead and have the know how too do publicity. Personally I know that if I make this and Publish it myself its not going to sell I already have a hard time selling my Teeshirts and those are where I get my most current income from which btw is not very much. Sadly the Dreamworks stuff  I've done has not sold either and I've made the heartbreaking decision to cease on any future artwork for that series. As I don't have the Backing from ANYONE because of my status of being an Unknown artist things are Bad.

My Current Personal Project is 'Lord Fancy' for now, remember Rupert Fancy? well yeah its been awhile on that Front. I did some test pages back in June of last year for a style I ultimately didnt care much for it and it was kind of ugly and while having a coffee with a friend I showed him what I had in mind and he seemed disappointed in what I was going to do and so maybe I should stick with what I can do best.

I am making some design decisions on the current look for a possible animation or book with this character. The title of which is secret as is the Plot. I would like to have something ready to announce in time for Supanova even but we will see on that. I'm going to commit on this for the Month of March to see if I can do something nice with it.

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