Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tim Ferguson

With not much work in the pipeline I'm doing my own Projects to have finished in time I hope for Supanova. I've also been avoiding people for most of the month it seems everyone is more concerned with themself and their problems and I'm tired of being Mister 'I am Here to Listen'.

Anyway I finished the main game in Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, I have to admit it was getting easy and the horse was the slowest thing ever. Should have ridden a donkey would get there alot faster. I really missed Killing Targets in this. Don't get me wrong its a great game but after playing Red Dead Redemption theres alot of things they tried to use and failed miserably. I didnt care much for organising your Assassins either.

I know, Just look how bad this blog has become!! I'm doing Game Reviews now.........

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