Friday, April 1, 2011

Dreams Of Mary

Theres nothing like being Upclose and Personal to Artwork from your favorite Legendary Artist. I know when I first layed eyes on the Beauty that was original Mary Blair Paintings I almost broke down with Tears of Joy. Its a Feeling I will never EVER forget that was back in 2008.
So I attended the 'Dreams Come True' or Disney Princess Exhibit in Melbourne, Australia this week and if you were following me on either twitter or facebook You could tell of my excitement, Unfortunately despite the fact they do not allow you to take photos I took some before I was threatened with removal I'll post what I can its a shame really that they wont let you take pictures even when not using a flash.
 Snow White Stuff here, apparently she digs the Dwarves.
A Picture of Mary at her Work Table I just love seeing photos like these.
 The Following is Art from Cinderella, all Mary Blair of course.

 This Kid asked me if that was the fairy godmother I pointed out what was written below the picture 'Fairy Godmother' I think that Mary may have wrote that atleast one hopes.

That was just one section of the Gallery, so many beautiful pictures!

In Other News Christopher Lloyd cancelled on Melbourne So I will be just going the Saturday the 9th April to Supanova to hopefully buy heaps of toys. As far as yet I havent really gone out here hope things will change soon another weekto go.


  1. Thanks for sneaking those photos, Matt! Quick question... have you seen the exhibition catalog, and if so, in your opinion is it worth a whopping $85 AUD to buy and have it shipped to the US?


  2. Drake, I have the book and it didn't cost me that much only $30 AUD and that Postage is really Excessive. I would probably say No, Not Everything is in there that was in the Exhibition artists like Marc Davis are missing from the book entirely and it only represents not even a fraction of the Artwork. That said the book is nicely Published with Vivid Colours and for the few pictures there are, are of good quality.

  3. Cheers, Matt! I really appreciate the answer.

  4. Cool pics. I'm a bit of a Disney nut, so great job on sneaking a few in.

    Andee (from Facebook)


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