Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Really Important Things of Note

As a Digital artist there are things you can't live without Drawing, Food, Creativeness and a Portable Hard-Drive. The Hard Drives Important as all your Ideas go in there as an assorted conglomerate amalgam I never actually go back and look at the stuff I created but its nice to have. So Remember this, Keep Everything your life just may depend on it one day.
As you know I'm a huge Doctor Who Tragic Fan and well tragedy struck today we lost someone that felt like family this week in the form of Elisabeth Sladen best known as Sarah Jane Smith for over 35 years. Awful and Unexpected news no doubt this has come like a smack in the head to all of us True WhoFans! (I say true because I only count the Classic series as the best) I could go on but now is not the time. Lis I never met you, but we will all miss you!

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