Sunday, August 28, 2011

I'm Not Famous

I'm Shocked no I'm Horrified that I'm not well known. Who Knew? 
Well I Did. 
So when I recieved an email today from an Australian Art Gallery that Specialises in Worldwide Niche works of art. I thought it would be a good fit them selling my stuff. Well apparently not. They should have stopped with we arent accepting submissions but no they didn't. 

Instead they sent me one long email about how they go about choosing artists and I quote 'Most of the artists in our stable have an established audience and reputation within the genre.' 
and another

'There are many factors that dictate what and who we show, and a rejection from us is no indication of the quality or integrity  of your work.  Unfortunately, we do not have the time to critique individual folios or work - so thanks for your understanding. We don't want to sound overtly negative, but we just thought we should let you know how we work, and at this point we are not able to help you with representation or exhibition.'

 This is the kind of crap I have to deal with daily but suddenly I'm 'Asking their Opinion' on my artwork which I didnt and wouldnt and also they are telling me I don't have the Notoriety to actually be called an artist. Screw Them. Do they know how many BRILLIANT artists are out there not given the credit they deserve?

I say take this and make yourself Stronger, next time THEY call dont give them the time of day, Work on your own Projects if you arent working like I am the Satisfaction of completing them will kill any negative feedback you are given!

Lord Fancy is on his Way!!

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