Friday, September 9, 2011

Memory Lame

 Found an old DvD circa 2003 thought I'd post some of my work from back then in its early development, I some times wonder if I was getting better or worse. But shows some of my experimentation. Darwyn Cooke mentioned to me that he remembered my Catwoman when I spoke to him back in 2008 its possible he was just being generous at the time but He was a real nice guy.
 This Digital Design Graphics was done for there Cover Competition it didnt win but got a nice mention with another 100 people. I guess as far as history is concerned this is my first ever published illustrator work.
 My Superhero Stage I mostly drew Marvel Characters back then with a lot of Line art but realised I had to change my approach with Illustration. But I remember using my Animation Cels as a basis so thats why they have that style quality. (and yes crappy background)
 An Early Character Design but I used Rose McGowen from Monkeybone as a Ref.
 Don't Ask.....
An early Francesca, see I really am a big fan of Mad Monster Party.
The Cowgirl Really has a nice Mary Blair quality to her.
I must apologise for all the BIG website watermarks but at the time mine and others stuff was being stolen from the net. I went a bit overboard sometimes.

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