Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Devil in De-Tail

Was looking forward to seeing my friend Angie this Month, not going to happen now. So heres her Birthday Present she likes to refer to herself as a devil and has wanted me to design it as such. But because of the negative feedback I get from Women on the web in that they feel I give them a 'RawDeal' I've been hesitant to do so as to recieve some more unwarranted Tongue Lashings, This was Asked for by Angie so no complaining.. I'm going to be taking a break from drawing women for awhile however so expect new stuff coming thats not girl related.

In Related news I watched 'The Smurfs' movie and am still recovering.

I also got to meet a fan of my work recently in Melbourne who's bought my T-Shirts since I began making them 3 Years Ago!! Nice Lady, I like people who make time for others. Not enough of it in my opinion, Until Next Time!!

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