Monday, October 8, 2007


It's unfortunate but I've met some artists that have an ego problem. This can manifest itself as a swollen head or worse still an Asshole attitude.
Tasmania has hundreds of the latter and it also exists all over the world. I've always felt that I don't suffer from this affliction but this is not true either. All artists have an Ego of varying degrees but with one common thread, they like it to be rubbed every so often.

I'm no different I love it when people comment on my work with only accolades of how good something I have done is and hate it when someone likes to point out little inconsistincies or mistakes. But where those with the asshole attitude would just put it down to jealousy. The ego in me tries to take it on board for better work next time. And whether your a learner or a professional you should treat everyone with respect.

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