Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Waiting Game

Theres nothing worse than having to have gone through a lot hard work for prospective clients in the space of just a few days then it becomes a Waiting game to hear back from anyone.

In some cases they have taken six months or more to get back about the job if at all and you have to keep digging for information on whether you can put all other things aside and begin work on the Project or go elsewhere. One thing is certain don't wait just move on to another job because if you become dependant on the outcome of one job you will get Nowhere!!. If it is positive then weigh up your options and see which job will be the better for YOU!!


  1. Nice post. I can relate. In my experience I never hear the "sorry you were unsuccessful" reply... I just never hear back. The rule of thumb I've come to use is always overbook. Reason being that a large percentage of the work never actually happens.

  2. Thanks Joel, Yeah sometimes if I have multiple jobs for the same company they will tell me which ones the clients got back to them with a definite no and then I know which others I have left that are possibilities.


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