Sunday, October 7, 2007

So You Want To Be An Artist!!

A few things before I get into todays artistic topic and firstly I am flying to Melbourne once again at the end of this week for 5 days and in that time have heaps of stuff planned.

On both the Saturday and Sunday I will be spending my time at Armageddon Expo where my all time favorite artist Bruce Timm will be appearing as a guest to talk about his involvement in the medium of animation and comics as well as a presentation of the Death of Superman movie. I will also get a chance to revisit the PIXAR exhibition before it closes its doors FOREVER that same weekend.

As like the last time I was in Melbourne I will be keeping a daily diary that will be posted on the blog over the entire time particulary with photos of the expo or 'convention' which term my american friends like to use.
If anyone is mean to me, I make a complete idiot of myself or something dreadful happens then I will no doubt let you know right here over those coming days.

I'm going to be updating this blog everyday this week (and yes that includes returning Wednesday with more Anti-Girl)

Since starting this blog I've been suprised by where it has ended up, I noticed recently I am now linked to a Blog for Tasmanians very cool which you can find the link here.

Now onto todays topic.......
Sometimes I recieve emails from desperate people wanting to know my secret to being an artist they want to know the skills I know and how I learned them. But I don't know myself for some reason I should know but I can honestly say.......I don't know. So when I do recieve these emails I don't know how to answer them and rarely do thinking surely theres someone more experienced than I to answer your question?

I can tell you what I have done up to this point, learning from some ancient master is not one of them however. I've read lots of art books, watched cartoons and making ofs, been influenced by some of the greatest cartoonists of our time and met alot of cool people with similar interests on the internet......

Now that last statement may sound a bit strange and indeed SAD but its so very true and I'm not ashamed of saying it. In Tasmania as the place of my birth and where I now reside it is very short on 'Talent and Arts' Most of the talent we do have here are from other parts of australia and stick with their own kind or just in it for the money.
Actually I may as well just come out and say it that the Arts here sucks and is spread very thin for anyone to really enjoy it....... so they soon tire of art and go off to become a Banker or something else more boring!!
No the people I have met understand the hardship of being an artist, trying to find inspiration in a dried up world where all ideas have been recycled over and over again. Oh and they are more talented than I could ever be and yet they make me feel apart of their art community and life.

Theres alot of ego needed too but thats a story left for tomorrow........

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