Thursday, February 7, 2008

Beware the Blood Suckers

A recent poll a couple of months ago ended with the majority of visitors wanting more of my experiences in freelance. So here we go.....

If I had a dollar for everytime someone has asked me for free artwork I would be a rich man!! Its not that I hate doing free stuff it can actually be a great thing for an artist trying to make it big. But sometimes every artist has been burned by doing a good deed.

I once was working for a guy who wanted me to do character designs for some animated project for 'free' of course. He is fairly well known and gave me some info that he had gotten the backing from an animator who had worked on Shrek. I thought this would be a good opportunity!

But as I begun suddenly the workload grew and I was having to start drawing backgrounds and more. Something wasn't quite right. And I began to ask questions and for more information the guy seemed suprised that I wanted to know everything and When I asked for the head animators email he said sure...... and I never heard from him again. This guy still practices his tricks on unsuspecting artists. So now I try to stick to professional writers and clients only.

I know I promised an update everyday this week, but just as I was feeling better I've been really crook yesterday and today so I'm gonna grab a prescription from the chemists and head to the summerhouse for the weekend hopefully I'll be a better when I get back. And I will return to more tales of interest then.

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