Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Tasmanian In America COMING SOON!!

Exciting News this week, As you know a couple of weeks ago I mentioned that I was
planning a trip to the United States around Mid-Year and how expensive it would be for
accomodation. So I put forward the notion of people inviting me to stay in their American Homes.
I also posted this on Myspace and was pleasently suprised to have had some positive invites for
me to stay. This not only gives them a great opportunity to meet a Real-Life Tasmanian but also
me to get a real taste of American Culture.

I also intended to film a Documentary on the subject entitled 'A Tasmanian in America!' a fly on the wall documentary finding out the true way of life of Americans the way they are percieved and also Tasmanians from an American perspective!! Also as added incentive american artists will get their art shown in the Doco if time permits!!

So anyway I'm currently in Melbourne visiting family, and while there I have been contacted by Tasmanian Radio who saw my blog to come on Breakfast Radio and talk about this interesting Adventure. I'm Really Suprised, Excited and a little Nervous but if this happens it will hopefully give me the extra added exposure and opportunity I need to maybe get some Sponsorship deals I really need to make this happen in time for July-Aug!!

I also think this would be a great opportunity to spead the word about Tasmania and that we actually do exist and that besides Errol Flynn there are quite a few famous Tasmanian born actors that have been in some Blockbuster films like in the latest 'Transformers' you know the chick with the Aussie accent....yeah her!!

So I think I need to take this to the next level when I get back home I hope to have my new website online I'll be keeping my online art portfolio but it will be taking a backseat while this truly Amazing Trip Happens!!

As always I'll keep you posted as to when and if this radio event is and will happen!!

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