Sunday, May 23, 2010

Dust To Dust

My Beloved Laptop has finally bitten its last Gigabyte. So what does this mean well Spy-Girl will only be available through redbubble since all my work files have been lost but they can still print a pristine print. Thankfully I had the majority of my more important work copied over to an external hard drive and all the Dreamworks stuff had already been sent to the Printer.

This Stuff Happens, and theres no point crying over it. Until everything is back to normal and I have a replacement Laptop then I will be on and off. My apologies to those who have asked me to work with them. Its Winter here and I'll just have to go outside Yuck!

Also the readership of my Imagine Daily interview has done really well, with over a 100 views a day. Thanks again for the support.

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