Friday, March 6, 2009

The Autumn Society of Philadelphia

I'm delighted to announce that I've been invited by 'The Autumn Society of Philadelphia' to contribute to their art blog and have happily accepted their Invite. I guess your wondering why?

Mainly its for you guys and girls.

Unfortunately I can't be at a Convention in the USA or have any of my work locally exhibited in your town. This atleast gives me the opportunity to touch base with you all in some fashion or another as well as expand my Horizons. I feel very lucky and Honoured that I have been given the opportunity to help branch them out into a a much larger worldwide market! I mean Tasmania, How much further can you get??

I should be posting some stuff over there as soon as I can. Until then check on all the other great artists posting there by CLICKING HERE!!

HARD DRIVE UPDATE: Nope shes still dead but I was able to recover most of my trip of disneyland from another source I'm glad I didn't lose too much from my time away!!

Totally Unrelated Subject now and Rebekah Staton was absolutely gorgeous as She-Force in last years 'No Heroics' TV series and in the Previous Years Doctor Who as a villain. So she was on the 'little extra' side so what?? I ain't a shallow sob like alot of others I could mention! Anyway I saw her in a recent episode of Law and Order UK and she was almost unrecognizable she looked absolutely Anorexic and so Unattractive! Hopefully she'll get some meat on those Bones again soon. Sorry I needed to vent maybe I'll do a drawing of She-Force to make me feel better.

Also Special Thanks goes to Ed Smith who has created a Facebook group to get me Published called 'Lets Publish Matt Pott' To be honest I'm a little embarrassed by it only because I'm not the sort of person to toot my own horn so to speak and someone else has taken it upon himself to do this.

I've never been Published?? Well its not totally true I have been in the past and perhaps we will at some point go and look back at the stuff that has actually been published of mine and you may not have seen before!!


  1. I meant no disrespect Matt, I just want a copy of your book. Remember, 499 people was the deal!

  2. hahah theres No disrespect, I'm very flattered really!! I would never have thought of that!! I've tried what I can to get my friends to join but even some of them have egos...... You might want to take note of whats being said from members to get maximum effect from the page feel free to use any art as examples!!

  3. Thanks for sharing the Autumn blog on your blog Matt! We are very excited to have you and we look forward to your first post!


    ~Chogrin, from the Autumn Society~

    P.S. I can't wait for this book of all your stuff either!


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