Sunday, March 15, 2009

It's Just Me!!

Whether you want to believe it or not I'm not a Nice Person. Sure I don't go about abusing people saying stuff like 'Get off My Lawn' or 'Hey, You Suck' but theres something people don't like about me and as soon as they hit it they can't or won't let it go. I'm no Angel, I Swear Alot, Burp Loudly and Will talk about you behind your back if I really dislike you and oh yeah.... I'm a Weirdo!

But does that make me a bad person?? I don't know.

Strangely this really only ever happens with women, guys are guys ya know we are either best friends or worst enemies or both most likely or not I'm always the middle with everybody. And thats fine.

But I still to this day don't understand why people get upset with me with no explanation on what I've done and I feel like I've been Kicked in the Guts too much lately. Where friends turn out to be not so much And when those 'friends' take it out on your friends for no reason its even harder to comprehend!! I also hate it when you say Hey this person is really like this and the reply you get is 'How can you say that, They are the nicest people you could possibly meet its you that has the problem. Without even asking the circumstances behind the accusation' I just can't win. And I'm not supposed too because hey I'm not to be taken seriously!

Ok so theres no art this post, I leave in a couple of days for Melbourne. But I should hope to have something up before wednesday.

And if your asking yourself if I'm down in the dumps well no I'm not as I just watched 'The Shakiest Gun in the West' Starring the incredible Don Knotts and it was a great fun kids film. Heres the first Ten Minutes of it (I couldn't find a trailer) that had me Laughing out Loud at its Humour and let me tell ya I needed it!!

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  1. I'm completely on board with you, man. There's just a natural either attraction or repulsion with people that happens and either they're with you or against you.
    I've never once debated why you feel certain ways about other people and I'm positive that you have your reasons. People are just very self centered and egocentric at times. I hope Melbourne does you some good. It's Wednesday and I was looking forward to seeing something good.
    Besides the Shakiest Gun in the West clip.


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