Friday, March 27, 2009

New Limpet Inspired Tee!!

Like I Stated I will be updating with New Designs all the time, And it seems people are waiting to see what else will be For Sale before buying anything. Fair Enough. The first New Update will be my Don Knotts Dedicated Range beginning with a Mr. Limpet inspired style of dress. You can't get these ANYWHERE else, except my Redbubble Store and can be found for $28.93 USD at most sizes.

I've recieved a few emails in the Past few hours some asking alot of questions about the Shirts themselves. You Can Choose Mostly whatever Colour you want and You can also choose the style of Shirt too these do vary in Price, Long Sleeves are the more expensive by only a couple of dollars and the V-Neck Style costs no extra just be sure you make your choice BEFORE you checkout!

To buy follow the T-Shirt Link to the Right of the Blog Column or CLICK HERE Please understand I am not responsible for there Handling and Production as these are done through REDBUBBLE.

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