Sunday, March 22, 2009

Meeting My Doctor

Peter Davison for all that don't know starred in the early 80's as The Fifth Regenerated Doctor in 'Doctor Who' I'm not afraid to say he was my favorite and I've been planning this trip since November Last year when I found out they were organising something. Unfortunately 'they' were the same people behind 'Armageddon Con' and quite frankly they need to look and study at the cons in America to know how to put on a Brilliant Convention.

Some Background The Conventions in Australia as small as they are, are a Rort. Sure they need to secure the guest, Book Flights, put them up in fancy hotels, Organise Venues, and most importantly pay that Appearance Fee. But. For the money they have made through this they have more than Broken Even and then some.

Lets start with the Day, I Arrived at the Venue 'The State Library of Victoria' in the morning at about 9:15am as my Train was late. The Library was Closed. I was confused as hell so I checked my Mobile phones Internet to see if I could find the proper address. I eventually did and walked around the complex until I found the line of people waiting in a side door.

At Approximately 9:30 I was let in to pick up my ticket and buy autograph 'tokens' for $30 EACH. It was then I noticed that they had photographs with the guests for $40. As I had wanted to do this but was unable to buy it online for the Melbourne Session I expected them to be sold out. So I was pissed that I hadn't shaved for it. I went into the main theatre and just took a seat and waited. Someone then came up to me and asked why I was sitting in their seat. I looked confused. I wasn't told I had my own seat when I collected my ticket so that was news to me. I then discovered I was actually 3 rows from the front smack in the middle. A Great Seat !

While I was sitting there the atmosphere was thick with disgruntled audience paying so much money. Not only that but where was the Organisation not only were they Half an Hour late from starting but they also had not given us an Itenary for the day. So who knew what was going on and at what time. Thankfully a lady next to me had written it down from a post they made on there website. But for Goodness sake how much would it have cost for a few photocopies instead of trying to leave advertising material for their upcoming events.

So 10:30 came and finally it began, Peter Davison was Introduced with Mark Strickson who was Brought over as a Bonus because the con had proved so popular.

They then began the photo session, due to the cost of it I could only afford One and even then that was Pushing it. So unfortunately I had to decide and since it was Peter I wanted to see it was a no brainer. When I got the photo back I liked it. BUT this is where more Rorting Begins if you want the actually digital copy of the File you have to Pay for it!! Which is ridiculous quite frankly after already paying for the photo you have to pay yet again. RORT!!

When it came to having my picture taken, I walked up shook Peters Hand and said Hi and how nice it was to meet him which he replied 'Hello, Nice to Meet you too!' I'll put the photo up here when I finally get it.

Anyway so the Day went smoothly got to ask a couple of questions I enjoyed the lunch break immensely I have absolutely no idea why they had a Sci Fi News segment that went for an hour.
They got a Radio Comedian Guy in who I had seen Before on TV and I remembered he was Gay so he did alot of 'I Like a Big Gun' jokes and stuff. Which while funny for an adult audience but there were alot of kids present. But even though it was in some ways entertaining it just seemed stupid to have, especially since it was a 'Doctor Who' convention. And I couldn't give a rats about what happened in the final episode of BattleStar Galacticrap or the latest trailers I'd already seen.

Eventually Peter Davison got on stage and began, chatting about his time as the Doctor and all the stuff thats happened since. I was also a huge fan of the 'Last Detective' so to have him talk about that was cool. Shame they may not make anymore. There was a moment when I asked a question and to have him actually stand there and look at me directly the geekdom of OMFG he's talking to me was just a billion amount of Awesome!!
At 4pm Signings happened, I really didn't get to say much as the cattle call preceded but ahh well I got a few good signatures my Photo inscribed by The Doctor. And all in all I got to meet my Doctor.

So listen Up I'm planning to delete my Facebook I'm really tired of people requesting me and then a week later blocking me for No Good Reason. What is wrong with Folks like that?? It must be said these have all been WOMEN I think they have taken offense to my stance that Women are the bain of all society and I being 'a man' shouldn't be so observational which is what I post alot on Facebook. Just do me a Favour and Don't add me if your not willing to Talk about and Discuss your problems you have with me!! Its not hard you know........ to you know just TALK!

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  1. Wow, the conventions there sound pretty grabasstic and unorganized. Still, very cool that you got to meet your favorite doctor. Not too many folks know who their favorite doc is, let alone get to meet and talk with him!
    As for Facebook, I haven't had any problems with you yet, but I can assure you and give my word that if I ever do, you'll be the first one I discuss those problems with.
    It's no too adult to just block someone and not even try to understand where the miscommunication comes in reading something online. I think it'd be best if I tried to understand what it is that I'd thought I'd read, rather than flying off the handle.
    Just ain't right, I tell ya!


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