Monday, August 4, 2008

Cartoon Network!!

I have been spending the last few days at Disneyland, and have things changed in the time I was there last or what!! But I will keep that for another blog post. As you may know I took some time out at Comic-Con to have my portfolio of artwork reviewed by Cartoon Network today I'm gonna talk some about it.

Imagine the setting waiting in a long line with other artists hoping to break into the business willing to stab you in the back just so they get to work in a field they only dreamt about since they were little amoebas. Well I got on the list and waited impatiently and nervously for my name to be called. It was nice of Josh Hughes to stick around with me and keep my mind as positive as possible. As we watched person after person leave the review queue with there Hearts Ripped from their rib cages. So I watched the last two people before me go up with Laptops with their 5 minute Powerpoint presentation or their doll they had just designed that would be a sure thing for a new HiT cartoon sensation.

That wasnt the best tactic fellas for a professional to see!

So with my rubbish plastic folder I walked up to the reviewer known as 'Rob' and introduced myself. I told him I wanted to be a concept or Character designer to which he said well Concepts very specialist so its very hard to get into. And so he flipped through my Portfolio 'But as far as character design is concerned this is one of the most professional portfolios I have seen!!'

Yeah I know....... I was shocked too!! He couldnt believe I was from Tasmania either. He asked where I had worked and I told him also the sad state of affairs there as far as crappy animation on a shoestring budget. Cartoon Network was certainly my main choice for beginning a career in the field so the all positive review lifted my spirits especially since so many artists before me who had very professional winner portfolios were given their marching orders to try again.

So what to do next?? well after all was said and done The reviewer took some of my pictures with him and gave me a number to formally submit my portfolio to the network. Did I ring the number???? YES. I rang a few days later to find that the secretary was un-cooperative and wanted to know how I got the number. After a explaining comic-con the secretary then wanted to know who it was I spoke to. I told them 'Rob' 'Rob Who??' the voice yelled down the line I then gave a brief description. Oh do you mean 'Rob Renzetti'?? I had no idea. So they patched me through. I left a message and about 20 minutes later recieved a call from Rob saying how he remembered me and that I should submit the portfolio directly to him even though there was no work available right now that he'll be sure to show it around!!

So as the Photo above shows this is about a minute before I formally submitted my portfolio to the Network!! Cool Stuff not everyday you can do this huh?? Well for me anyway! Inside were statues of Bill and Mandy and Fosters Imaginary. And a few art things for sale. The secretary took my portfolio but I'm not sure if it reached its destination since I said Rob was expecting it.

Should I call him again to make sure he got it?? Or move on to submitting to other studios?


  1. Yes! You should always do a follow up call just to make sure he got it.

  2. Matt, I would call him back!
    Thank him for the opportunity to have your portfolio reviewed by him and just let him know that you did EXACTLY as he asked you to and you left your portfolio with _______ (insert whomever's name here.)

    Congrats, man!
    I'm glad you finally got your shot and am jealous both of and for you!

  3. Absolutely! What the other guys said. Definetly give him a call and just say you wanted to make sure he got it all okay. Make sure he has all your details, if he needs anything more from you for the time being and thank him for taking the time to see you. It's very much appreciated etc.

    Then sit back and cross your fingers. It sounds like he was really impressed with your work though which is EXCELLENT and always a good sign. Congrats mate! Hope it comes together...keep me in the loop!

    (Would you believe i was down in Tassie for 5 days while you were away?! Just around Swansea. Are you going to come up to Melbourne in November for Armeggedon? Be great to see you again!)


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