Sunday, August 17, 2008

From Melbourne With Thanks!!

My Trip is Over, Yes it was very short and I am sad to be back recuperating in Melbourne. Yeah thats right SAD!! I hate being back in Australia Land of the Uncreative.

I Really had an amazing time in Los Angeles and in San Diego for Comic-Con and it wouldn't have been possible without a few people I wish to publically Thank from the bottom of my BlackHeart!!

The Wonderful and Beautiful Mona, whom opened up her home for 3 weeks to a Rough Rogue Aussie she hardly knew and who taught him the American Way of doing things in America.
I CANNOT thankyou Enough for your Kind, Thoughtful Hospitality your Creative push when things looked Bleak and for being my Chauffeur around dirty dangerous LA streets when I wasnt sure where to go or where to be. LAX, Dreamworks, Disneyland, Universal Studios, San-Diego, Los Angeles. Everything would NOT have been Possible without you and We will always be the closest of friends!! Oh and thanks for introducing me to the Wonders of FREE REFILLS!!
To Josh you Nutcase thanks for sharing a room with this Australian Nut in San Diego and hanging out with him at the best Convention he's ever been too. It was Fun that I hope to repeat except for that Hispanic Dick at McDonalds with the Food Poising Burgers BLURGGGGGGH!!!!!!
To Chris Sanders for allowing me the Priviledge of visiting you in your studio at Dreamworks and having the best Lunch EVER!!!! For sharing some amazing Stories and giving me the smallest of tastes to find out what it is like to work in a big Animation Studio. No I didnt eat much I was so excited and geeked out I could hardly eat a Crumb!! But thankyou for your charity and inspiration And I hope to work my Butt off to get a chance to work with you for real one day!!

And to the rest of the GREAT people I met on my travels.... Casey, Sarah, Catherine, Gary, Scott, Rodolphe, Rick and every one else THANKYOU so much for an Unforgettable time in the U.S.A.!!

Finally now everythings back to the Mundane life of Matt Pott, I need to relive with posting more pictures of my trip!! Theres heaps more to post hopefully tomorrow!!

Me And Elvis Trooper!!

A Blurry Robert Picardo!!
Patrick Stewart er........ I mean Jonathon Frakes!! I should have cried out You Ruined THUNDERBIRDS you NINNY!!!Jane, The only girl I chatted up and who didnt runaway!!
And Now For Some Boobs!!
more boobs coming soon..............

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  1. You are Welcome! Might I say you were great in the freeway shootouts at rush hour...nice aim!
    Glad you enjoyed your stay here in the good old USofA..


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