Thursday, August 28, 2008


I'm Penniless, Not a Dime, I have not a crumb of cash anywhere. I really have gone to the end of my means. I am so POOR that I could be on the street next week. But for now I Fly Home tomorrow. The last couple of weeks since my return have been Harrowing staying in Melbourne. I want so much to return to LA cause I was doing so well there but I can't I know not if I will ever be able to return.

The Perhapanauts #6 (with flip-cover from yours truly) has been delayed for the next month or two) from its original release date. But I'm going to see if I can release it about that time it was to supposed to come out.

Until then I have a new picture of a certain Master of the Cold. I started designing these 'Batman in Peril' pictures and this is the only one that I ever completed out of them all. Enjoy It and I'll see you all back in Boring Town!!

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