Monday, April 20, 2009

How Delightful a Pox, No Its Not!,

Well if you've been on my facebook or my Twitter pages recently you will know I have Adult ChickenPox which is very Painful its in early to mid 'gestation' period (I've always wanted to say that) right now where things are getting kind of messy. It's Highly Contagious and I cannot do anything or see anyone for 2 weeks. Its not like I had much of a social life to begin with but this just really sucks and I don't need this right now.

So anyway I'm gonna have to jump ship on alot of the current stuff I was working on for april, Most likely the Darth Vader Fan Piece and a couple of others besides the nausea and migraines this thing creates I've just got so many spots its really sickening to even think about them Yuck!

If you've used Twitter then you should know what this amazing 5 minute Animated Short is all about its ROTFL Funny and if I had to be negative about one thing the Hands on the characters are AWFUL!! But Check it out!

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