Thursday, April 2, 2009

Monsters VS Aliens VS Matt

I saw Monsters VS Aliens today. While in Melbourne I took the time to go and see it at an IMAX Theatre which I dont have access too in Dullsville, Tasmania. I remember seeing alot of the Pre-Production artwork back on my lone visit to DreamWorks and I really Liked it.

So watching the Movie I chuckled a few times more so than the Audience around me which was mostly Brats dragging their parents to see it. I had a kid in the seat behind me repeating the imagery as he saw it and I felt like smacking him a few times.

It reminded me as to how long it had been since I'd seen an Animated Movie in a Cinema and I think its like the Late 80's but don't ask me what it was. Which is Sad that I've never seen a Pixar film as they have come out as I always waited for them on DvD. Well this was different not only was it something I could relate to as I had seen some of its Production Work but it was in 3D. So I was more excited to see the future of Animated Movies. Of Course if your blind in One Eye then its not really going to help you and I'm sorry if it hurt your feelings.

The Movie was Good, it fell into the trap sometimes where the animator over animates to show how great he or she really is and the story well to be frank doesn't exist with a Linear. There a few Plot holes too but I can't mention them for if I do will ruin the scenerey. If I was in charge I would have added more Heart and More Mindless Action.

But What I can Talk about without giving this show away was The Greatest MISTEP I have ever heard in an Animated Film. To Be Blunt whos ever Idea it was to place the most boring Man In Australian Television that of the evil die if you speaketh its name 'David Koch' as a VOICE-OVER on a Major AMERICAN film needs to march themselves off to the Great MinceMeat Factory and dive into the Grinders Head First!!

To watch an american Film with american voices that I was enjoying and then to get the shock of the OUT OF PLACE Australian Accent and not only any Australian Accent but that of a Boring Oafish Dick of a Dick. Let me tell you NOBODY appreciated it and if my screening was anything to go by the Collective Groans from the audience should tell you SOMETHING !! So who is to Blame? Marketing, Producers?? I don't know but SERIOUSLY DON'T DO IT AGAIN!! It Ruined the movie for me! I would have given it a 4 out of 5 but because of this Bad Experience I'll have to shrink it down to a 3.


  1. Well I like David Koch and I thought it was a great idea to use his voice. The thing is, he was SUPPOSED to be an Australian anchor in Australia relaying a news flash. We (the audience) were supposed to be watching the news flash here IN AUSTRALIA. Duhhh. Even my 5 year old daughter got that. She loves Kochie too.

  2. Dear Annie Mouse,
    I am so glad that you like Mr. Koch at least he has two fans amongst the many more who cannot STAND the man. Secondly did you actually see the film?? There are 2 scenes concerning the news anchor. The first is in SAN FRANCISCO (maybe the Australian News Anchor actually was Vacationing at the time Yeah Right) and then hes back in the studio for the second. I'm sorry thats just too much of a leap.

    I'm glad you enjoyed the film as I did except for those 2 scenes and promise me you shall never show your 5 year old Sharktale!



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