Sunday, August 19, 2007

LIVE from a Coffee Shop!! A PIXAR REPORT!!

Hello Folks from Sunny Melbourne, I'm actually writing this to you from 'MAG NATION' a place that offers free wireless access and you don't need to buy a thing ( though I felt bad and bought a Diet Coke)!! A few things I wanted to mention before I get into whats been going down on my Trip. I thought I should let everyone know I have resigned from the Online Access Centre last week and won't be going back there....EVER!! A few reasons for this number one was health and another was its time to move on from boring old farts and nutcases who know nothing of the interweb. I was NOT getting paid as it was all volunteer and I ended up doing the managers job of boringly updating websites when I should have been helping people. So no, I'm not very popular despite my already 3 years of faithful service now for leaving but who says I was ever popular anywhere to begin with!! Onward, Upward, AWAY!!!

So now onto my wonderous Melbourne trip I thought it would be easier to do this like a Journal/Diary Type thing. We'll see how I go with it anyway.!!

Saturday 18th August 23:17pm

Day One: I flew Virgin Blue airlines I prefer it over Jetstar, but the flight was delayed half an hour due to Mechanical Problems (which really helps put the mind at ease you know!!). The Cabin Crew was a nice bunch of girls all under 25 years of age petite, buxom and pretty and all of them quite HOT in their own special way. Of course I put the Ol' Matt Pott Charm on them and have several Phone Numbers to add to my collection whether I give them a call is probably unlikely as I'm way out of their League!!

Finally got into Melbourne Airport after an hour and waited about 20 minutes for my Baggage. Then Hopped a Bus to the City where I watched a Video on the journey about what to see in Melbourne and which Brothels to visit. Then it took me to the Train Station where I had to hang around for a bit as the Train was another Half hour away. While I waited I hadn't eaten any dinner so I bought a packet of Twisties and a Diet Coke and saw a gang of 10 year old kids smoking and spitting over the side of the Excalators They looked like the evil rejects from the Lolly Pop Guild and at about this time I thought this is where I get Mugged.....But thankfully Not!!

The Train trip took an hour, I noticed a lot of Muslim men and women getting on the Train and I thought is this how I'm gonna DIE in an Suicide Explosion BUT Thankfully....not!! I Then grabbed my bags and made the long twenty minute walk to my current place of Residence OWW my back does hurt!

So I haven't been here long Maybe an Hour and I've finally settled in. Tomorrow I meet up with Martin in the City for the PIXAR Exhibit!! Night Folks I'm off to bed!!

Sunday 19th August 16:41pm

DAY TWO: Met up with Friend Martin in the City, and we had some KFC chicken for lunch it was absolutely aweful muck!! And when you wait 15 minutes to be served you expect it to taste a bit better than that!! From there we headed to the Pixar Exhibit. WOW guys and girls amazing stuff The artwork was so beautiful and awe inspiring. So much so, when I get back home I am going to kick my ass into gear and get a proper portfolio together to show them. A small sample of the art had alot to be desired amongst the multitude of Gorgeous so it gives me just that little glimmer of hope I might get in and since I have no family or loved ones to care about me (except my dog Billie I might just look at making a move to the US).
There was a Thing there called a Zoetrope machine, I wasn't sure what to expect BUT MY GOD!!!! It was beautiful Imagine the Toystory Characters coming to life before your very eyes. 'sniffle' it was beautiful. Of course if you suffer from epilepsy then you would be rolling on the floor trying to swallow your tongue. Dangerous Flicker there!

Security was suprisingly tight, I only got a few pictures off before officers came around in droves to ward of my evil ass spirit!
Anyway I grabbed what I could a few booklets on the exhibit and plan to send them to some of my friends (if anyone wants them let me know). Unfortunately theres not alot of art inside them. You had to go and buy the book 'PIXAR: 20 Years of Animation' at like $40 each I couldn't afford multiple copies so only have one. Its mostly full of what was at the exhibit. If anyone wants me to buy them a copy let me know I might be going back. I'll scan some images of that and send it to anyone who wants a copy Because I'm a nice guy despite being hated by women right now......

Heres some pics, This was Jesse Designs that reminded me of Kristens lovely handywork!!
Original Character designs of woody and that miner dude for get his name
Some of the free booklets I got, unfortunately they would only give me two extra of the white on so they will go to Josh and Kristen if they want them!!
The PIXAR: 20 Years of Animation

a picture I know Josh will Likeseeing these up close was amazing the detail in the penmanship, superb

Edna character designs, I haven't seen the art of book for the incredibles so not sure if this was in it. I really want that book though!!
Me and a Giant Sully I wanted to pull his horns but security would have shot me on sight!!

And talking about women after returning from Pixar me and Martin stopped off at StarBucks where we had a drink of coffee and chatted about girls and what a strange species the lot of them are. And from there after we went and saw the final show of 'darkangels' it was a combinaton of Burlesque, Stripping, Singing and Murder hey I'm not making this up!! It was actually very good and the girls were in fine form Believe you me. One had the most amazing abs I'd every seen, another an amazingly designed real tattoo on her back and behind and the highlight for me was when the character of Dierdre (who was well endowed) was doing her schoolgirl strip. HUBBA!! Of course this was all acting but still I wouldn't have minded a lapdance!! hah.

Anyway after the show we were invited to the afterparty and we just hung around and chatted to some of the actors. I learnt that one of them was a magical performer known for her famous Razor blade swallowing act and had even had her performance seen and raved by Tim Burton. She was a very nice lady and we discussed the hazards of Myspace and how strange friendships are there and how to block nasty people who try to take advantage.
I also got a chance to speak to the young stripper with the tattoo on her back luckily Martin knew her so it somewhat broke the ice but I didn't say' I Loved your tattoos on your back and behind, who designed them?' Hah maybe I should have !!

Then I got to meet Katie, Martin has been friends with her for years and talked about how nice and friendly she was in person I had met her briefly before the performance and shook her hand if maybe a little too tightly hah. But we grabbed her for a photo op before she left for the second party.

here that picture is.. yeah I'd been sick all day thats why I look kinda crap.

I did manage to scoff down a pint of beer but I didn't drink enough to ring up and abuse anybody I hate right now even though I wanted too and get some of my own back DAMMIT!!.

Afterwards we headed down to crown casino for a slice of Pizza where someone got lost and we tried to help them find the way out. Doing a lot of renovations at the moment it was confusing so I undertsand how it could happen. the big Warners Studio store has gone now which was a shame have bought some great maquettes there the little shop that was left doesn't have much anymore.

So I was on the train at Midnight and was exhausted I yawned all the way home and as soon as my head hit the pillow I was out cold. It was a good time had by all. Now for a bit of rest and shopping for the remaining week!!

Monday 20th August 17:15pm

DAY THREE: So here I am in Mag Nation I took it real easy today after last night. I've been pretty sick since arriving but am enjoying my trip immensly I'm so glad I didn't make the mistake of going away this year to the US and bought a laptop instead AHHHHHHH LAPTOP!!! I love it to pieces!! More than I've loved anything. even girls. In fact I think I'll marry it since it will never ever leave my side now and will never be a cheating chick!! Yay!! I gotta think of a name for her... Any Ideas?

Still hate vista though, Ugghh I hate it.

I probably won't be back in the city for a couple of days to update gonna relax while I can!! Anywho I'm off to dream of girl strippers in tight schoolgirl uniforms!! WOOT!!

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  1. Katie Underwood! i've seen her topless! anyhoo, do you know any good accommodation in Melbourne?
    wanna get somewhere nice in october.
    Maybe I'll woo Julie Newmar, and stay with her.


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