Sunday, August 12, 2007

My Personal IS-Land!!

An update every day this week before I head off to Melbourne for 10 days and then there will be sporatic updates on my trip throughout.

First off Artists Relationships SUCK!!

It's not the artists fault of course but when it comes to the opposite sex especially if they are not Creative in any way shape or form they really don't understand the 'REAL YOU'. You say 'Look I don't want a relationship' and they say 'No I do, its fine Your so Talented...blah...blah...blah !!' and of course their the ones who turn around and Dump you and run off with another squarehead, or even worse divorce you!! Citing that well they just don't understand this ART-THING!! I always seem to utter the 'I Told You So' line!! and 'Never trust a Rotten Girl' is also a motto of mine. Sometimes I wish they could recieve some of their own Medicine BACK!!.

To Combat these crap moments I have created a haven where Girls of all creeds and races cannot step foot on this place of paradise. Think of it as my own 'Fortress of Solitude' where I get to draw all day and stick pencils up my nose and its free of haircurlers, Lipstick and Nail Polish!! If they do try to set foot they get eaten by the Shark!! THIS IS MY PERSONAL IS-LAND!! Enjoy your SQUAREHEADS LADY!!!

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