Friday, January 16, 2009

The Art That Time Tried to Forget!

I got a hold of an old CD-r (remember those?) and found some of my most early artwork from the old Drawing Board Days circa 2001. This was when I was just really starting out in Illustrator and began experimenting more including from Photo Reference.
Be forwarned alot of this stuff is Ancient and I am putting this up for posterity sake only. Who knows when I die people may look back and say hey his early work was heaps better than his later work or this guy never got any better!
The Next Two pictures were my first ever posts at the Drawing Board. Alot of people were very welcoming and gave very kind comments. Too Kind really so much wrong with these.

Ahhhh now the following art is my Bettie Page I mentioned last month First thought lost in the Bowels of History, this was my first solo post in the girls section and boy did it get a bashing!!
I still remember 'Where are her Feet?' sigh I was so young back then!
Arghh Okay........ enough Punishment for one Post!

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