Thursday, January 15, 2009

Goodbye Number Six

I awoke this morning to the news that Patrick McGoohan had died. He's best remembered as Number 6 in the classic series 'The Prisoner' Where a Spy is kidnapped by people unknown and awakens in a place known only as The Village and where there is no escape unless he conforms and gives them all the secrets that they want to know. Of course he never does and spends all 17 episodes trying to escape. The Simpsons even did an episode set in the village but then what haven't they done!

Keanu Reeves as Spike Spiegal in Cowboy BeBop movie??? I hope thats just a rumour He simply cannot act!


  1. Matt, brace yourself.
    There's a remake of the Prisoner that's going to be on television soon here in the States.
    I freaked out when I saw the commercial for it myself.

  2. Yeah I Know, I havent seen the commercial. But while I was at Comic-Con they did a viral marketing campaign there which I must say worked very well there was even sky writing.


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