Saturday, January 10, 2009


I was very Disappointed by the design of Metamorpho in the latest 'Batman Brave and The Bold' to me Rex Mason was not a hulking teenage idiot who turns into 'ROCKETS???' I mean thats just plain awful hes a master of the elements not freakin' Zan from Superfriends! Not to mention the Outsiders being a flop. Overall BB fell flat this week.

Anyway I have always had a connection with this character of Metamorpho the poor guy is a terrible outcast not loved nor respected. Sure he had a hotty girlfriend for awhile but in the end she left him like the rest all because of his disfigurement. Typical Shallow Women!!

Speakin' of Evil Women I watched 'SPECIES' tonight, my friend Martin and I spent the day combing through the dvd section of a local store that was having a Sale and he slipped it in my sweaty hands. I wouldn't let it go. Its a great film with Natasha Henstridge getting her kit off a couple of times and where a major bitch gets her come uppance in a Pool of Burning Oil..... now I suddenly feel like watching 'ALIENS' again!

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