Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Jumping Puddles

First of all Happy New Year......now we have that out of the way onto the important stuff.

This year I wont be pursuing my art career, and it has probably puts this Blog in Jeopardy as well as my social networks over on Myspace and Facebook. Because I dont know if I will be going back to it. I've upset a few people with this news and on the flipside also made some people very happy.

I'm still in a lot of Debt from my trip last year and I think its time to take a step back and look at which road I'm going down.

I'm at a DeadEnd right now, I have no work. My networks have all dried up. A few weeks ago I contacted Cartoon Network and was told that unfortunately my work cant compete with people with more experience who then give jobs to their friends. I would probably do the same in their position. This doesnt help me.

So I dont know whats going to happen to this blog. If I will delete it, keep it going or just leave it as is. I havent decided yet. But since the whole point of setting this up to discuss my adventures in gaining employment in the Cartoon Industry it all seems rather Mute right now.

During my time in Pursuit of Happiness, It just stopped being fun. And if I'm just not having fun anymore then is there any point?

Maybe it was never meant to be, Maybe I'm just venting in Frustration of all the Road Blocks. I just have very, very mixed feelings right now.

Also the above Picture was taken at the 'Taste of Tasmania' as a yacht came in from an annual race we have. Not much in the way of good food this year shame really!


  1. I think you should keep posting. At least give us a little window into the little world they've got out there. We're pretty isolated here in America, being that the only stuff we do see is from our point of view. I don't care if you draw or just vent, keep posting randomly!

  2. I'm sorry to hear that. I agree with what K. just said. Keep posting! It's nice to see a slice of someone else's life. Are you at least going to continue drawing at all? You can still post sketches and stuff.

  3. Wow! Sarah took the words right out of my mouth. I agree with my roommates though.

    Good luck with whatever the future holds for you!!


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