Thursday, January 8, 2009

I Am Not An Animator

So I started going through flash today, Its an absolute mess of a program. I was never a fan even when I learned the much earlier version years ago. How someone has the patience to sit there and go draw in it for every slow single moment I give full credit too.

I would love to have a stream of animators and direct them into what I want. Instead its just me trying to get the stuff out. I got offered work a week or so ago and had to knock it back because it was all flash based which ticked me off since the guy knew I only drew in Illustrator. I am just not an animator. I draw something I move on I dont have the patience to draw something again and again thats when it gets boring for me.

One guy I know who directs great flash is Joel Trussell we've had our little creative differences with each other over the years but hes does great music videos check out my favorite with a very nice song!

I had a little money left over this week so got some dvds I'd wanted. Hellboy 2, Futurama Beast of a Billion and Benders Game, Batman SubZero and the complete series of SpeedRacer.

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  1. I prefer flash to illustator mainly because that's what I started off using, I'd probably feel the same if the reverse were true.

    I totally agree with you about the monotonus nature of sucks!


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