Monday, December 29, 2008

In Brightest Day!

My Friend Martin is a massive Green Lantern geek, and I too enjoy the character of Hal Jordon. I was a bit miffed they didnt have him in the Justice League cartoon because they needed a 'Black Guy' so tell me who would have sold better as a toy Hal or John Stewart?? Well although we may never know the fact the Green Lantern figures were the ONLY ones left on the shelves might prove this theory of debate.

Anyway back to Hal, I think once DC got over the lets make him go insane storyline and everybody else started doing it they realised what an integral character he was in the Universe and began cleaning up their mess.Darwyn Cookes main use of Green Lantern in 'The New Frontier' I think solidified that Hal was a man to be reckoned with.

So this will be my last picture post for this year tomorrow I'll look at 2008 as a whole and review the personal highs and lows!

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  1. After I'd rad the Mike Parobeck mini series of the return of the Justice Society of America, I fell in love with the Alan Gardner Green Lantern.
    I think that the idea of an inter stellar police force that has the power to create things based on will power and imagination is amazing, but there's just something about an old guy in a cape that can't defend himself against a baseball bat that just screams to be exploited in a comic book.


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