Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Artists Assemble

I just saw the 'Next Avengers' movie that recently came out on DvD. Maybe the only thing I really liked about the film was the credits. This is not a slight on the film at all it does have some fun for a 'What If' type of story. But the credits had some Character Designs that were more adult and looked much more badass than the eventual 'kiddy' look they went with. Did anyone get the 'Storm is my mother Reference' for the Black Panthers kid other wise you would be wondering why he was shooting Sparks instead of running around like a cat most the time.

Its been terrible to have no money, I haven't had a job in months. I'm not sure how I am going to pay all of my bills now. I really hate this town, its just so old-fashioned and so uncreative.

A recent story in the local paper (actually make that the ONLY Local paper) got me very mad indeed. A cartoonist who probably did one of those via mail coarses got upset because a Tasmanian Art Exhibition rejected his painting of a Fat politician. He was so upset he told the Paper it was Unfair. But seriously if your going to put something out for submission and it gets rubbished and they feel its unsuitable for THEIR exhibition why go off crying to mummy??.
I say the papers his mummy because he actually WORKS for the Paper in question as the editorial cartoonist and made them kick up a stink for him. Totally Childish!!

I've been thinking I really want to make it, I want to make it in the big league. I wanna be in a creative city and talk to people I have something in common with. I am so sad here and a little lost right now. If I made it big I would put in a good words for all my art pals to get them work too in the industry. But I have had a lot of flack recently for having the balls to say I want to work in America where this can only happen. Some have taken offence from me requesting help in seeking a sponsor for work there. Hey us americans need work too that sort of thing!

Well thats it from me today, I havent been able to think alot lately go out for lunches that sort of thing just no money for that, so I thought I would just write all my thoughts down here tonight. I don't care if no-one reads it. I feel bit better blurting this stuff out.

My self doubt is over since having my portfolio reviewed I know I'm good enough but I will not evolve into a better artist without starting somewhere in the industry and studying within it. But from here I just don't know what to do.

I'm gonna shut up now think some stuff over.

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  1. Hey Matt how about working your way to America via Australia? How about working for WETA? Have you tried to contact them? Hang in there something good will happen!

    Keep your pencil sharp!

    P.S. I'm your first Zombie! BOO!


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